Oil Tank Removal Now provides fast, reliable disconnection, extraction, and disposal of all types of petroleum storage tanks. We’re the experts when it comes to Edgemoor, Delaware oil tank removal, and our services include soil inspection, stabilization of any remaining fuel in your tank, and site restoration once your tank has been dug out.

As a professional oil tank removal company, we’re committed to providing you with services you can feel comfortable with. For your protection, we maintain comprehensive insurance coverage that includes workers’ compensation and liability insurance, and all of our contractors have been carefully screened and background-checked.

When you hire us to remove your old heating oil tank, gas tank, or diesel fuel tank, you can be confident that we’ll work to standards that meet or exceed all county, state, and federal regulations regarding the safe, environmentally-responsible removal of petroleum storage tanks.

Not Sure If There’s An Oil Tank In Your Yard? Call Us

If you own an older property in Delaware, there’s a good chance that you may have an underground storage tank (UST) buried in your backyard.

Here at Oil Tank Removal Now, our team of oil tank extraction specialists can quickly determine whether or not there’s an abandoned tank on your property, where it’s located, and what needs to happen to protect you against the liability issues that come with old oil tanks.

Whether you’re planning on selling your property soon, you’ve recently purchased a home as-is, or you simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done what you can to guard against oil spills in your yard, give us a call to schedule a property inspection.

Your Oil Tank Removal Experts in Edgemoor, Delaware

Don’t take chances when it comes to dealing with an old oil tank or fuel storage tank – call us here at Oil Tank Removal Now for your free quote on your tank removal job.