If you have a fuel tank on your property that is no longer in use, then you need to call us to inquire about Middletown Delaware oil tank removal. We provide superior service that is second to none.

The cost of fuel tank removal can vary and is based on several factors. A few of the factors we lookat when providing an estimate are:

  • Size of the fuel tank
  • Location of the fuel tank
  • Whether the tank is closed
  • Contamination caused by leaks
  • Remedial measures that are needed

Oil Tank Removal In Middletown Made Easy

One of our professionals will visit your property for an assessment. During this time we will test the soil surrounding the fuel tank to determine if there is any contamination. If the soil and groundwater contains contamination, we will clean up the property and safely remove the fuel tank. You can simply sit back and watch us restore the beauty of your property.

A common misconception that many fuel tank owners believe is that if a tank is small then it is not regulated and cannot cause too much damage. This, however, is not the case. Any tank that contains flammable or combustible materials is regulated by state and federal law. If a tank were to leak, no matter how small that tank is, there is the potential for significant damage to the surrounding soil and groundwater. Not only can a leak from a small tank cause pollution, but you are required to clean up the contamination which can be quite expensive.

Don’t take a chance with leaving an unused fuel tank on your property. Even if you think the tank is empty, it is still too risky to just leave it. You can depend on our Middletown oil tank removal services. We will safely remove your fuel tank and restore your property and take away all your worries. Call us today to see how we can help you.