Do you have a buried oil tank in your backyard? Are you looking for a simple, worry-free way to deal with those old kerosene tanks in your garage? Has your insurance broker told you to get those aging gasoline tanks off your property?

When you need a Seaford, Delaware oil tank removal contractor you can trust to remove your unwanted tanks, call us here at Oil Tank Removal Now. We’re the experts when it comes to tank location, closure, extraction, and site remediation, and we have the experience it takes to quickly deal with all types of oil and fuel storage tanks.

Seaford Delaware Underground Storage Tank Removal

At Oil Tank Removal Now we specialize in the extraction of underground storage tanks, also known as USTs, from residential, commercial, and industrial sites throughout Seaford.

Our fully licensed and insured tank removal experts use high-quality, well-maintained equipment to quickly and efficiently close off your underground tank, extract any remaining oil or fuel, and remove your tank from your property. We then haul the tank and contents away to an approved waste management site, and to complete the job we’ll fill and level out the space where the tank was.

Complete Soil Inspection and Site Remediation Services

As part of our comprehensive tank removal services, we take the time to inspect your tank and the surrounding soil for any signs of leakage. While the majority of the tanks we remove haven’t yet leaked, over time, all metal fuel tanks will eventually leak and it’s impossible to predict in advance when a tank will begin to rust out.

If your heating oil, diesel, unleaded fuel, or kerosene tank has leaked, we have the experience and knowledge it takes to clean up the spill and leave your property safe and free from fuel contamination.

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