An unused fuel tank, whether it is above or below ground, should be removed. Should you ever want to sell your property, the new owners are not going to want the liability that comes with the fuel tank. More importantly, any tank, no matter its size, can cause contamination that’s usually very expensive to clean up. If you have a fuel tank on your property that’s no longer in use, then you need our Wilmington Manor Delaware oil tank removal services.

We will assess your property by testing the soil and groundwater for contamination. We will then create a plan tailored to your specific needs that will ensure safe and efficient removal of your fuel tank. We will develop an estimate of the costs associated with your oil tank removal project. Some of the factors that will affect the costs include:

  • Size and location of the fuel tank
  • Whether the tank is closed
  • Whether the tank is leaking
  • Amount of contamination that is discovered
  • Clean up measures that must be taken

A common misconception that we encounter is the belief that a small tank is nothing to worry about. The truth is that any tank that holds flammable or combustible products, no matter the size of the tank, is a threat. Because of the potential for contamination, all such tanks are regulated by federal and state laws. Those laws dictate what happens if that tank leaks and remedial measures are taken. To ensure you aren’t stuck with the time and expense of cleaning up contamination from your fuel tank, it is best to seek removal.

Don’t put yourself at risk of dealing with a time-consuming and costly ordeal should your fuel tank leak. Contact us today so we can get to work on a plan for your Wilmington Manor oil tank removal. We will put your mind at ease and restore your property to perfection.